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What is it?

Urban agility is a term we use to describe an active fun and mentally stimulating walk. We simply take the dog for a walk but instead of JUST going for a walk we ask for a bit more of them.

How can you do this?

To start it’s simple. You can start by asking your dog to do what we call “puppy pushups”. This is just asking your dog to go into a down, to a sit and back into a down. Having a fast paced, challenge

for them to do can be taxing on their brain! The most fun part is getting them out of their comfort zone and trying new things! This can be like walking across a new surface, like a sewer grate or getting them to jump up onto weird things! We like to start with a park bench, or a pillar and then move to more advanced challenging things like a fire hydrant!

Constantly challenging your dog and taking them out of their comfort zone will make a happier, healthier dog, and an even better bond and relationship with YOU, their owner!

So with the warmer weather approaching go out and give it a shot! And remember to tag us!


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