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Success Story!

I had the good fortune of meeting Holly at a Working Dog Women Workshop Hosted by Grassroots K9. I had attended the event in search of confidence. I had a reactive working line German Shepherd who was so nervous he would not even get out of the car! I knew that a good trainer could help Maximilian but the big question was could I as his handler learn what was required. Through a 3-week board and train our dog gained confidence and new skills. The real progress came with me. Holly tutored me on how to handle my 92lb dog that could easily pull me over! Our lessons were all out including shopping at Canadian Tire, Home Depot and the ability to look at situations as learning experiences and how to deal with them as opposed to heart stopping events making you want to run in another direction!!

This year I attended the same Working Dog Women Workshop with a dog that eagerly jumped out of the car and was able to engage in different learning scenarios. I too was confident knowing that we would have challenges at the event, but I was able to handle whatever came my way. I cannot stress enough that there are plenty of dog trainers who can train dogs. The real question is can they teach you how to work with and handle YOUR dog so you can have continued success? I highly recommend Holly and her team.


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