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Nail Trims and Normalizing

Ladies, long nails may look good on you but they sure as hell don't on your dog!

We need to normalize weekly nail trims if we aren't frequently out exercising our dogs on hard surfaces or if we don't get them regularly groomed.

I know there are a lot of dogs out there that struggle with getting their nails trimmed and the owners avoid it all together but there is a big benefit from keeping your dog's nails short.

This is all the more reason to incorporate some nail trimming exercises into your training plan.

Keeping your dog's nails short will prevent any unnecessary pressure to the joints of the paws.

Your dog's nails grow in the shape of a curve, when they grow past the paw pad they interfere with the natural movement of a dog's foot during everyday mobility.

Is this something you struggle to keep up with?

If so.. You need to speak with your groomer or trainer and start developing some healthier habits when it comes to your dog's nail care.

I suggest as a trainer and groomer schedule a nail trim every 2-3 weeks, this will not only help with keeping the nails short but it will also help build some tolerance when your dog is needing their paws handled especially if this is something they dislike. 

Let's take our dog's nail care more seriously! 


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