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Learn about Our Customize Training

Customized Programs Tailored for YOU

Our professional and experieced staff start each client off with their own training plan. We strive to help you set attainable training goals and provide you with the tools to get there.

To accommodate different learning styles and preferences, we offer private dog training lessons and packages when owners are present (training you to train your dog) and when owners not present (we train your dog and later transfer the skills to you). 

Diversity is essential. Because dogs learn from association, diversifying the learning environments reinforces the outcome of desired behavior and helps to measure the progress of your dog training goals. Depending on your goals, we meet in your home and in local public scenarios—trails, parks, high action areas—to get a full picture of what is "really" going on.

Video Library

Obedient Roots


Including sits, downs, place commands

and so much more.

Multiple levels covered. 

Behaviour Modification 

Dog Reactivity ? Possessive Tendency? Aggression? 

Our experienced trainers have the skill set to guide you to a solution. 

Working Dogs

Anything from tracking, to detection, 

to apprehension work. 

We enjoy helping you find a "job" for your dog. 

Intro to Puppy Obedience. 

Potty training, crate training, shaping 

behaviours and properly socializing.  

Training Classes

How to Start