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Welcome to our Online Training WEbPage

On this page you will find:

How to Training Videos

One on One Training Classes

Group Classes

Live Streams 

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The "How To" Training Library 

Video Library

Dive into our virtual training library for how to videos. We cover a wide array of topics! Affordable and informative.

Obedient Roots

Intro to Puppy Obedience. 

Potty training, crate training, shaping 

behaviours and properly socializing.  

Basic Obedience

Including sits, downs, place commands

and so much more. Great for 

someone just starting out.

Working Dogs

Anything from tracking, to detection, 

to apprehension work. 

This gallery is everything Working Dog.

Training Classes

Virtual Training Classes

Join one of our trainers for an interactive virtual training class.

Select and sign up from the many options below! 

Pre-paid Packages

Our pre-paid packages allow you the flexibility to book as you please with our VIRTUAL

training options. 

5 Sessions

Video Library


Browse our video library for insight on our training, Vlogs and Prospective Police Dog Program.

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