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A Obedient Dog is a Happy Dog


Grassroots K9 aims to provide a friendly inviting experience for everything dog!

Head Trainer and Founder Michael Nezbeth established Grassroots K9 with one goal in mind.. provide custom training to his clients lifestyle and needs from the K9.



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Personal Protection K9
Whether you’re interested in getting into police work, or just want to expand your dogs knowledge, knowing how to protect and serve is a highly valued dog training skill.

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Grassroots K9 Training

Pet Valu Bramalea Offical Training Comany

Grassroots K9 is happy to annouce that we are now the offical training company for Pet Valu Bramalea. Check out their location for discounts on training & boarding.

Meet Dakota
Dakota has been with GrassrootsK9 for 2 years now and has successfully completed high level training. Including drug detection, personal protection and a true aid as a demonstration dog for head trainer Michael. 


This vision was created when Michael became a father. He desired to have a family friendly dog and one that would protect his house hold if needed. Through vigorous studying and training, Michael used his background in Psychology and Sociology to create Grassroots K9. Since his startup Michael has successfully worked with the everyday household pets to police k9's. His diverse training has aided police forces and numerous house holds with their pets. 

Grassroots K9 is established to meet the increasing demand for expert training for dogs in all disciplines. The in depth knowledge of animal behavior allows us to develop a training program custom fit to each client and dog.


We believe Dog behavioral issues generally come from three main areas:

  • mental stimulation

  • nutrition

  • lack of exercise

  • socialization

  • Therefore, Our training programs our offered in various forms:

  • group classes,

  • private sessions,

  • board and training

  • specialty training 


Dogs that board with us will be temperament tested and allowed to socialize with other compatible canines. Grassroots K9 offer pick up and drop off services to accommodate clients busy schedule. We understand that training can be very overwhelming for the everyday pet owner. We WANT to make this easier. Our one stop shop will provide your everyday needs and plus more. Training, Boarding and Retail will all be onsite to help make this process as convenient as possible.

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