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Whether you’re interested in getting into police work, or just want to expand your dogs knowledge, knowing how to protect and serve is a highly valued dog training skill.


Many families are looking to increase the protection of themselves, their homes, and their valuables, while still having a friendly family pet. As a Protection Dog Trainer, you will learn how to properly train a dog to protect its family, while still being a well behaved family dog














In order for a dog to be accepted into K-9 work, it

must pass the police test. The most important aspect

of it is commanding the dog to stop its attack at any

moment. This is a skill that some trainers have trouble

with,as the dog is in an extremely elevated state.

We will help you master the police test in

as short as one lesson.


Not all dogs are meant to do Protection work, and we will teach you how to select the puppy or dog with the correct temperament for Protection Training. You will also learn how to properly work with puppies in Protection Training, which will lead to exponentially greater work with them when they are older.

Protection Training



Dog psychology is an important factor to understand when getting

into professional level dog training such as protection. True dog

training is simply impossible without in-depth knowledge of a dog’s

psyche. We will help you understand canine psychology through

hands-on practice, as well as through


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