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Group dog training classes  is a fun and sociable way to learn basic obedience with other dogs and their people. Many dog owners enjoy the camaraderie of group training, and are encouraged by the support of their classmates. Group training offers an excellent, structured situation to socialize dogs in a controlled manner.

The class enrolments are kept to a comfortable size so each participant receives the individual attention and assistance they need to succeed. Contact us to discuss our group classes today! Remember if you have as active package, you can use these days towards our group classes!!  Group classes are offered seasonal.

Different Group Class options:

Camp Canine- Two 6 week outdoor training group class, focusing on real world distractions while being obedient and controlled socialization. (Summer Program)


Bark 2 Basic - 6 week indoor training program, that will focus on in home behaviour and basic obedience 


Woof that Trick- Intro to agility and trick training. Burn some of your dogs energy while enhancing its training.

Obedient Roots- A class designed for puppies. Begin shaping behaviours. Its never to early begin training. Learn basic obedience and controlled socialization from a young age. 


Group Classes

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