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Private Training


Private dog training is an excellent choice for dog owners who have the time and desire to have a hands-on experience in the training process. Private, individual lessons are recommended when a dog’s owners are prepared to commit to working independently on a steady, ongoing, daily basis.

Many owners feel that training in the location where undesirable behaviors occur is the logical approach to effective solutions. Our private lessons can be conducted in your home, at our training facility, or any other suitable location.

Puppy in Red Cushion
In-Home Dog Training

Our canine training specialists bring the training solution to you, at your home or office, or park to help you solve behavior issues and to teach you and your dog how to have an enjoyable relationship.Grassroots K9 help solve the problems where they occur, and saves you time.

Competition Lessons

Seeing a talented dog compete and succeed in the specialized activities and sports for which they were bred is gratifying. Whatever competition interests you, whether it is agility, protection, retrieving, or advanced obedience, our professional trainers have the expertise to help you and your dog realize your dreams.

Package Training Deals

Each package program is designed to cover various obedience and speciality training for you and your dog. These packages are meant to be afforable and accomidating. If training is something you and your pet are willing to commit to, then this may be the best fit for you. We offer the packages in two ways:

One where you and your pet are equally involved in the training process. Or chosing to select the board and train option for a more hands free approch.

Semi-Private Lessons

Perhaps you’d like your dog to train with the dogs of your friends or neighbors. Or, you’re open to group training, but prefer to be with people you know rather than complete strangers. Whatever your motivation, we can arrange semi-private training lessons for you and one or two friends and your dogs. You’ll get the benefits or private instruction with the additional benefits of socializing your dog and sharing the cost.

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