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Off to do great things. Sam & Clive.

In the spirit of new beginnings, we're excited to share that our Malinois brothers, Sam and Clive, bred right here at Grassroots K9, are gearing up for a unique adventure—they're joining the military at the start of 2024.

Sam, the embodiment of energy and loyalty, and Clive, the wise and composed counterpart, have been exemplary members of our Grassroots K9 family. Their journey from playful pups to disciplined Malinois warriors is a testament to the dedication of our trainers and the unique qualities instilled in our breeding program.

As we bid farewell to these canine comrades, we send our heartfelt best wishes. May Sam and Clive's military path be filled with triumphs, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of Grassroots K9. Here's to a new chapter for these Malinois brothers as they step into the service in the coming year.

Best of luck, Sam and Clive—we're proud to have you as part of the Grassroots K9 legacy!


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