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GRK9 Georgina of the Season - Meet Rhy's

Rhys' Introduction: How old was Rhys when he joined your family? 8-9 weeks

  • Beginnings: Where did Rhys start his journey before you brought him into your life? Oakglenn Kennels Leamington, he slept in a crate for over 4 hours! still loves his crate

  • First Impressions: What made Rhys stand out to you initially? Rhys was a happy. go lucky puppy

  • Why Training: What led you to start a specialized training program with us at Grassroots K9 Georgina? Out of control Vizsla!

  • Initial Goals: What were your first aims for Rhys' training? Street walking, patience, recall

  • Conquering Challenges: Could you share a specific challenge you've encountered and how you tackled it with Rhys? Using the correct collar to have control for walking.

  • Current Endeavors: What specific training goals are you currently working on with Rhys? Long down , sit stay, with out correction just rewards

  • Tips and Tricks: What’s your best piece of advice for others aiming to achieve their training goals? Be consistent everyone on same page, find a good puppy class, and ongoing classes. I thought

  • I did not need it since he was my third Vizsla, however we forget things and so we need to be reminded of the correct way to train our dogs.

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