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Fierce Focused Female

We got to participate in a first.

Part of what we do here at Grassroots K9 is acquire or breed dogs specifically for police agencies. We have placed dogs across North America. But this dog specifically went to Durham Regional Police Service first female K9 handler, Hannah.

We were standing right next to her when she got the call that she was selected for the position. Thrilled with joy - we got to say “Ready to meet your dog”

We don’t often get those moments where a handler meets their new partner for the first time. There aren’t many words to describe Hannah’s happiness. It was an awesome memory that will be forever cherished.

At that very moment Michael Nezbeth ( @k9_mike )and Alison Nezbeth ( @k9_alison ) realized not only was Hannah the first female K9 handler for Durham but she was also the first female k9 handler with a Grassroots K9 dog.

Double win!

Learn More about Hannah and DRPS


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