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A trip of a lifetime. Mission to make a difference.

🌍✈️ Exciting News: Alison and Michael Nezbeth, the dynamic duo behind Grassroots K9, are gearing up for an incredible journey to Zimbabwe as part of the K9 Ranger Project! 🐾🌿

🦏 What's the mission? They'll be teaming up with the Anti-Poaching K9 Units to make a real impact in wildlife conservation. These four-legged heroes play a crucial role in protecting endangered species from poachers, and Alison and Michael are eager to contribute their expertise.

🌟 How did they get there? Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you! The K9 Ranger Project successfully raised funds through various events, t-shirt sales, and donations. Every contribution has paved the way for this meaningful journey.

📸 Get ready for a front-row seat to their adventure! Alison and Michael plan to document every step of their two-week journey. From insightful blogs and captivating videos to engaging social media posts, you'll be immersed in the world of anti-poaching efforts.

🌐 Want to be part of the movement? Visit to learn more, contribute, and follow their journey. Your support can make a real difference in the fight against wildlife crime.

Let's join hands and paws to protect our planet's precious wildlife! 🌿🐾 #K9RangerProject #WildlifeConservation #GrassrootsK9 #ZimbabweAdventure


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