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Maryland GRK9 of the Month

WE’RE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE MARYLAND’S GRK9 OF THE MONTH, AURA. Aura joined Grassroots k9 for a behavior modification. Like most dogs Aura struggled with impulse control especially with new people coming into the house but even more with dogs during walks. Aura’s owner, MJ has been committed to combat Aura’s reactive behavior and we’ve seen amazing progress in such a short amount of time. Communication between the two has drastically changed as Aura has a clear picture of the behavior that MJ desires when they take their daily walk.

1. How old was Aura when you got her?

Aura was a year old when we rescued her


2. Where did you get her from?

We got her from Small Miracles Dog and Cat Rescue in Ellicott City.

3 Why did you pick her?

First, not only was she beautiful but she was excited, full of energy and just the right size.

4. Why did you want to begin training?

We really want Aura to be able to be with her own people (dogs) without reacting in a negative manner.

5. What are some of your training goals?

One of our goals is to be able to walk down the sidewalk alongside other people walking their dogs. We’ve really never been able to safely do it.

6. What is the biggest obstacle to overcome during training?

The only obstacle right now is trying to use the new stim collar. We have cats in the house. One in particular named Eleiko, Aura Is not too fond of and likes to ”taste” him. Aura enjoys it a little too much. I can’t say the same for the cat. The stim collar has been a challenge for me but I am determined to be able to learn to use it in ways to help Aura become a good citizen.

7. What are you working on now?

RECALL! This is so much fun! Not only is she having fun but out other dogs see what we’re doing and join in! Also, Door Manners - Aura is responding really well!

8. If you could give any of our clients advice about accomplishing your training goals, what would it be?

Listen to your trainer, ask lots of questions and just keep at it! Get plenty of kibble! Practice! Practice! Practice! Kelsey and Jamie have also been a Godsend! Aura loves you two more than you know! I love you too! Thank you so much! MJ

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