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GRK9 of the Month

This month our top notch GRK9 award goes to high drive, high performance, all around great dog... SAMSON!

Stephanie and Josh, you have done a wonderful job staying on top of your training. Our work together has been nothing but enjoyable, rewarding and overall a fantastic experience. We congratulate you again and feel extremely confident that your dog Samson will successfully reach his training goals.


We have asked Samson's owners if they would answer a few questions about their training, Samson and their goals.

Feel free to share and post questions.

1. How old was Samson when you got him?

8 weeks old

2. Where did you get him from?

We got him from a lovely family we found on kijiji.. sometimes we call him a kijiji-mutt.

3 Why did you pick him?

He was actually the last one but we knew we wanted a male and when we saw him we fell in love INSTANTLY!

4. Why did you want to begin training?

It was, and still is, important to us that he is the opposite of the bad stereotype of his breed. Living downtown, we knew that we were going to expect a lot from him, so we looked for professional help and started when he was 12 weeks.

5. What was some of your training goals?

General obedience with manners and trustworthy off-leash. This question is a bit tough to answer because we see training as more of a tool to make sure we can trust him in any situation.

6. What was the biggest obstacle to overcome during training?

Being able to focus his high drive and energy on the right things

7. What are you guys working on now?

Recall and holding commands

8. If you could give any of our clients advice about accomplishing your training goals, what would it be?

1. Consistency

2. Keeping each session simple - only working on one or two things

3. Don't be afraid of training tools such as prongs or e collar - these can completely change your relationship with your dog for the better

Congratulations Again!

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