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Allstar Client of the Month

Meet Judy and Nova.

This month we really wanted to dedicate some time and honour one of our clients. Not only is their story amazing but so is their progress. When our team met Nova and Judy, they had just became a family. Judy adopted Nova from Dog Tails Rescue and Sanctuary, in King City, Ontario. Not long after Nova came home Judy contacted us for an evaluation. We were moved by Nova's story and couldn't wait to begin training. Nova, just like any dog beginning training, went through a vigorous evaluation. Nova, Judy and our team sat down and drew up a training plan, we set goals, we spoke about the training obstacles ahead and our dedication to figure out a way to communicate to Nova being that he is deaf. Through trial and error, persistency and consistency, Nova has truly blossomed into a confident, sociable and extremely loving dog. He has won over our heart. And everyday he seems to be getting better and better.

We want to thank Judy for her dedication, giving us the opportunity to work with Nova and challenging us to think outside the box.

Let us know what you think! Comment Below!!

Have questions about Nova's training give us a call at 647.687.2389 or email us at

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