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Your Dog Doesn't Know the Date

So this is a funny one. One I find that may kill some holiday joy. However, this should be said. It should be said to help you understand your dog & to encourage better communication.

Your dog has no idea what holidays are. Your dog doesn’t know who Santa is. & most importantly, does not understand why there are tons of people in your house celebrating.

So when you give your dog a stocking on Christmas morning filled with goodies and tell em’ Merry Christmas buddy.

Do you know what he is hearing?

I just received the jackpot.

& what ever behaviour your dog was offering in that said moment, is the behaviour your dog will associate to receiving that jackpot.

Now can this still be beneficial ? The answer is yes. You most certainly can enjoy the holiday’s with your dog. You can reward them with their present after asking for a desired behaviour and you can feel the spirit of giving. Win Win.

But remember, your dog doesn’t know the date. So still keep it simple for them. Today is just another day, where we have expectations.


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