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Winter Paw Games

Winter is upon us, and when temperatures drop, it's easy to turn into a hermit. Lying on the couch, snuggled in a blanket binge watching Netflix seems much more tempting than going outside when the temperatures start dropping below zero. But for many dogs, there is nothing better than waking up and venturing out to play in the snow. Below are some great ideas that you can do to help keep your dog active and burn off some of that energy. Who knows, you may actually enjoy it too!

1) Hide & Seek with a toy

Playing Hide & Seek with a toy outdoors is not only a great way to trigger your dog to use his nose, but with having snow also comes great hiding spots. We recommend using a durable, water-resistant toy, like a ball, tug and hide it in the snow and then send your dog out to find it. By hiding the toy under the snow, it will stimulate your dog's mind through his smelling senses. Doing this a few times, your dog will be ready to snuggle up on the couch and binge-watch your favorite series with you.

2) Snowball fight

Most dogs love to fetch and will love chasing either you or the snowball. Form snowballs from soft snow (don't pack them too hard), then gently toss them at the dog. Try tossing tighter packed snowballs in the air for the dog to jump at and try to catch. It's quick, easy, and a good workout for both of you! Even small dogs will enjoy this outdoor activity.

3) Cross-Country Skiing or Skiijoring/ Hiking/Snow-Shoeing:

Popular activities to do in the winter include cross country skiing/hiking and snowshoeing. Something fun you can do with your dog is including him in your outdoor activities. Dog's love adventures, new places, new smells, this will surely make his day! An outdoor adventure is a great way to bond with your dog and keep you both in shape! Before you head out, we recommend to check the temperature and bring lots of water!

Things to consider for your winter activities:

1) The temperatures

2) Proper winter apparel for you and your pup

3) Dog-friendly places


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