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The most common thing overlooked when owning a dog is grooming.

If your dog isn’t properly socialized in the grooming salon you may end up with a dog who may become fearful or reactive when put into that situation.

Not many consider … How’s the dog going to be for their nails ? Will the dog like the bath ? Will the dog tolerate the drying process ? How is it going to be with a stranger handling them ? Is this something that was thought about when purchasing that cute doodle puppy that will possibly need a groom once a month, or that husky that is going to need their coat brushed and blown out every season. These are common issues that many dog owners run into everyday with their dogs. Let’s start off on the right paw, You could incorporate touch and pay exercises with dog Gradually expose your dog to loud or busy environments for example blowdryer or vacuum, something that is commonly used in our homes. Staying and being consistent with the same groomer will allow your dog to build a relationship and establish trust. They will start to pick up on a routine, after a few grooms they learn that this is a part of life and there’s nothing to hate or be afraid of.


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