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Maryland GRK9 of the Month

It is with great pleasure to announce that Pringles is Maryland's GRK9 of the month.

Pringles came to us after she was attacked by another dog during a walk with her owner, Liz. That incident left Pringles reactive in fear of that happening again when she saw another dog. She was unable to even be within 100 feet of another dog without preparing to fight.

When we told Liz she was the GRK9 of the month she was in disbelief because of "all the progress that still needs to be made." Anyone who has invested in their dog understands this. It feels like our goals tend to be more of a moving target than actual reality.

Although Liz sees how much they need to do, we see Liz make a consistent effort in providing objective and clear expectations. We've witnessed Pringles and Liz's confidence blossom. The drive to do better for our dog is a necessity and so we know that without a doubt Liz and Pringles will reach their training goals. While it may not be perfect the synergy is and that's why Pringles is our GRK9 of the Month.


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