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Holiday Dos and Don'ts for Dog Owners: Grassroots K9's Guide to a Safe and Merry Season with Your Dog(s)

The holiday season is upon us, and we understand that this time of year can be as eventful for our dogs as it is for us. To help your dog(s) navigate the festivities with ease and safety, we've compiled a list of essential dos and don'ts, infused with our tried-and-true training techniques.

Holiday Dos for Dog Owners

Maintain Routine: Consistency is key in dog training. Even during the holiday season, it's important to stick to your dog's routine of feeding, walking, and training to provide a sense of stability.

Utilize the 'Mark' Command: Our staple 'mark' (place) command can be especially useful during the holidays. Train your dog to go to their designated spot when guests arrive, ensuring a controlled and calm environment.

Emphasis On The Crate Training: The crate plays a crucial role in our training approach. During the holidays, it becomes an invaluable tool, providing your dog with a familiar and secure space amidst the festive chaos.

Mental Stimulation Before Guest Arrivals: A mentally stimulated dog is a well-behaved dog. Engage your dog in brain games or training exercises before guests arrive to help them stay calm and focused.

Regular Exercise: Continue your dog's exercise regimen. It's an essential part of our training philosophy and helps to keep them balanced and relaxed.

Holiday Don'ts for Dog Owners

Avoid Unsafe Foods: The holidays bring an array of foods that are dangerous for dogs. Keep toxic items like chocolate and grapes out of reach. At Grassroots K9, we advocate for healthy, dog-safe treats.

Carving Out Some Structured Playtime: The holidays can disrupt your dog's play routine. Ensure that playtime remains structured and focused on reinforcing training principles. This approach not only entertains your dog but also solidifies their training.

Don't Miss Out On The Training Opportunities: The holiday season is an excellent time to introduce your dog to training exercises. This can include enhancing the 'mark' command, practicing longer training sessions, or controlled socialization in the context of holiday gatherings.

Maintain Grooming Routines: Grooming is more than just aesthetics; it's about comfort and health. Continue with regular grooming practices to keep your dog feeling their best.

Respect Your Dog’s Limits: We preach the importance of understanding and respecting your dog's thresholds. It's vital to recognize the signs of stress or discomfort in your dog and not to push them beyond their threshold. Instead, train to work within these limits, gradually expanding them with some patience and counter-conditioning techniques. Avoid putting your dog in overwhelming situations, such as crowded spaces or wearing costumes, that might exceed their current threshold.

Secure Your Decorations: Ensure your holiday decorations are dog-safe. Keeping potentially harmful items out of reach is a key aspect of creating a safe training and living environment.

Following these guidelines will help ensure that your dog(s) enjoy the holiday season safely and stress-free.


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