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GRK9 Ottawa of the Season

Congratulations to GRK9 Ottawa on being named the K9 of the Month! What an achievement! 🐾🎉 Keep up the pawsitively amazing work, and may the treats be ever in your favor!

G was 5 months old when we adopted her and it was totally love at first sight. we were home 5 for her and she just needed a soft spot to land. We had not done our research on the breed (lesson learned) but were in a position to give her our time and patience.

When we started our training journey last fall, we had a sassy teenage dog that was nervous and very reactive and felt overwhelmed, out of our league and embarrassed to be out with her.

The goal at that time was just to be able to take her out safely and work on meeting her breed’s needs.

We reached out to GR first to start with bite work to give her an outlet. As we got to know Suria through bite work, we decided that her style of training would be very beneficial to the behavioural problems we were dealing with. Our training goals at that point were her reactivity and reinforcing obedience training. We’ve seen so much progress and continue to work through these issues while we build confidence together.

My advice: know that this is an investment that will take time but celebrate those little milestones!


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