GRK9 of the Month

We would like to congratulate this gorgeous pup and his dedicated owner! ACE and NICOLA!

Your passion and hard work has truly shown in such a short time, this is why you guys deserve the GRK

9 of the Month!

We think its important to share their story and some fun facts about what they are working on! Were excited about this announcement because Ace is the first GRK9 of the Month that is training under our protection program!

1. How old was Ace when you got him?

>>>8 weeks old.

2. Where did you get him from?

>>>Wendelin Kennel in Quebec

3 Why did you pick him?

>>>My breeder picked him based on my criteria; a high drive working dog

for sport, protection, etc.

4. Why did you want to begin training?

>>>Ace is my first working dog so I sought out Grassroots K9 because I knew I would need help in raising him to his fullest potential. Also, I needed a decoy for him to bite hehe.

5. What was some of your training goals?

>>>My major training goals are raising a confident and obedient sport/protection dog.

6. What was the biggest obstacle to overcome during training?

>>>My biggest obstacles in his training are keeping him out of trouble and preventing self-reinforcing bad behaviours.

7. What are you guys working on now?

>>>Right now we're really focusing on on his impulse control and bite work.

8. If you could give any of our clients advice about accomplishing your training goals, what would it be?

>>>Biggest piece of advice would be to train every day, be patient and enjoy the process.


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