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Grassroots K9 Group Class Listing


Camp Canine 2016

Camp Canine-$360 (Summer Program)

Two 8 week outdoor training

group class, focusing on real world distractions while being obedient and controlled socialization.

Bark 2 Basics-$220 (Beginning November 16th)

6 week indoor training program, that will focus on in home behaviour

and basic obedience.

Woof that Trick-$220 (Date TBD)

Intro to agility and trick training. Burn some of your dog’s energy while enhancing its training.

Obedient Roots-$220 (Date TBD)

A class designed for puppies. Begin shaping behaviours. It’s never to early to begin training. Learn basic

obedience and controlled socialization from a young age.

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