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Three Way to Use a Mark/Place Command in aHome with Kids

The mark/place command is a great tool to help manage your dog in a home with kids. A mark/place is

an elevated pet bed, and the rule is that when you give your dog the mark/place command your dog

must go to the mark/place and stay there until released. Keep the mark/place in your home where you

can see it from most areas. Here are 3 ways to use a mark/place to manage your dog in a home with


1. Many families with young children struggle with their kid dropping food on the floor, the dog

eating the scraps, and it turning into a fun game for both child and dog. While the family is

eating at the dinner table, have your dog go to the mark/place in the house. If your kid drops

food on the floor, your dog must remain on the mark/place, instead of waiting under the table

for scraps to fall. This gives kids less incentive to drop food on the ground since their furry friend

in not available to pick the food up and gives the dog a clear task to remain on their mark/place.

This is especially important for families whose dogs have allergies. In our home one of our dogs

is highly allergic to chicken. The mark/place command is critical in keeping our dog from eating

chick that our child may drop and avoids our dog getting tummy issues and possibly a trip to the

vet. Another benefit of the mark/place at mealtime is it is much easier cleaning up after meals

when your dog is out of the way.

2. While the kids are playing in the house, things can get a little crazy with kids and dogs running

around. Before your kids start playing put your dog on the mark/place in the house. This will

help keep your dog calm while your kids are playing. While your dog is on the mark/place it will

help prevent them from accidentally knocking kids over or stealing the ball/toy the kids are

playing with. If your young kid is trying to chase your dog or pull their tail, send your dog to the

mark/place to remove the dog from the situation. This helps keep everyone safe during play

time for your kids and your dog.

3. A ringing doorbell or knock on the door can cause some dogs to bark and jump with excitement.

Before your guests enter your home, send your dog go to their mark/place where your dog feels

comfortable. This will help your dog stay calm when guests arrive. If your dog has a big reaction

to guests arriving (barking, jumping, etc.) your dog is not aware of their surroundings and your

dog could accidentally knock your small child over. Putting your dog on the mark/place while

guests are at your door will help keep your kids safe and allow your guests enter your home

without any issues.

The mark/place is a great tool to help families with kids manage their dog in the home. Having your dog

feel more comfortable and confident on their mark/place during heightened activity in the house is

preferred over your dog feeling scared and stressed from not knowing what to do or have a safe place to

go. My family uses the mark/place everyday in our home and our dogs feel calm, confident, and

comfortable when they’re on their mark/place. Our kid loves our dogs and he knows to give our dogs

space while they are on their mark/place. Most importantly the mark/place helps keeps both kids and

dogs safe.


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