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Maryland GRK9 of the Month

We're pleased to announce Griffin as our GRK9 of the Month! Griffin is undergoing a behavior modification to combat his territorial and fear aggression. Griffin has had a few bites under his belt to reinforce when he's uncomfortable or feels a resource is threatened that he must bite to defend or deter. Griffin has undergone previous training but the aggressive behavior just continued to escalate - until he met us!

After a 2-week board 'n train and a handful of private training sessions, Griffin is "like a new dog." More confident in the home and with novel environments/people, and walks are no longer a battle when passing another dog or person.

We're incredibly proud of Griffin and his family- their thoroughness and patience to make sure Griffin succeeds are admirable. The progress doesn't go unnoticed by us as Griffin exemplifies the effort and time you've dedicated. Congrats! You've earned it!


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