Lets talk about door manners!

▪️Recently, someone asked me, “what is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to training dogs?” My answer stays consistent; DOOR MANNERS.

▪️We’ve all heard the horror stories of dogs running out of the door at inconvenient times. Why does this happen? It all stems from impulse control.

▪️How do we ensure our dog won’t barge through the door when our hands are full of groceries? Let’s take a look:

▪️ Compartmentalize door manners into a few steps with the goal of letting a dog know that we’re the gatekeepers. I.e., changing the “picture” in the dog’s mind.

▪️We’re trying to create a picture in the dog’s mind that if their butt stays in a sit, the door will open.

  1. Set the scene - grab some treats/food and get your dog ready to do the typical outing.

  2. Stand in front of the door, then ask or lure your dog into a sit.

  3. Begin mimicking the action of opening the door and slowly starting to open the door.

*Important continue to reward your dog if they stay in the sit.*

  1. If your dog leaves the sit close the door and start over until you’re able to open the door ever so slightly with your dog still in a sit.

  2. Give your dog your release command, whatever it may be, — we typically use “break” — open the door all the way, and walk out.

  3. Continue to build the duration of your dog staying in a sit with the door inching open more each time by delaying the release command and keeping your dog accountable.

*Tip do this every time the dog goes outside and periodically as just a training session*

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