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GTA GRK9 of the Month

We would like to congratulate Ares and his amazing owners as their our GRK9 of the month. They have shown tremendous discipline towards their training and extreme passion to learn. This is why we chose them. We asked them to answer a few questions in regards to their training jouney. Check it out.....

1. How old was Ares when you got him? He was 8 weeks old when I got him.

2. Where did you get him from? My friend. Her dogs are Ares's parents.

3. Why did you pick him? Do you ever see something and think mine? I saw him and fell in love with him something about him just called to me.

4. Why did you want to begin training? To ensure I give him the best life possible and so I could understand his needs better.

5. What were some of your training goals? In the beginning, it was leash walking, biting, and basic commands.

6. What was the biggest obstacle to overcome during training? Ares impulse control, which before Grassroots I didn’t know was a thing, and getting my family on my same page. 7. What are you guys working on now? Impulse control and perfecting the commands and his routine. 8. If you could give any of our client's advice about accomplishing your training goals, what would it be? Consistency and following the advice of the trainers. Ares has come along way since the beginning and it was because Grassroots supported us!


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