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Exposing you and your dog.

There is nothing more exciting than getting a new puppy, a time filled with happiness and joy but at the same time with all that excitement, a lot of owners are left with many unknowns, one of the big ones being how to properly socialize and expose them to new environments.

As dog owners we can get stuck in the

habit of bringing the dog for a walk in the same neighborhood or visiting the same park because it’s close to home, and more convenient for us, when really we should be doing what’s in the best interest of our dog. All you are doing by keeping your dog in this comfort bubble is prohibiting them from becoming confident and comfortable in new environments. Bringing our dogs to new places with new sounds, smells, people and distractions, creates an opportunity to now teach our dogs how we expect them to act in these new places.

We have the ability to work them through uncomfortable situations, building their confidence up, we can teach them to stay engaged with us in the presence of new people or dogs, to ignore the distractions of everyday life, all at the same time strengthening our relationship with them. Having your dog in an uncomfortable situation where they learn they can overcome that feeling, is a

huge learning moment for them and a boost to their confidence. Don’t hide the world from your dog, get out there and enjoy it with them!


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