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Committing to your goals.

If I could give any advice to dog owners, new or old, it’s to stick to your goal, keep that consistency, keep that structure, and be motivated by the improvements you and your dog are making as a team.

We’ve been taught from a young age to write our goals down, set a goal and go for it, if you want something and you work hard, you can achieve it, the same goes for training your dogs.

Most owners fail at training their dogs simply because they lose focus of the end goal, becoming overwhelmed trying to do too much at once, not seeing the progress as fast as they hoped, becoming frustrated and eventually giving up.

Having a training plan in place, where your thoughts and goals can be written out and organized will allow you to keep track of your progress as a team. Set a goal, reach it and set another, if you want to teach your dog the ‘SIT’ command, only work on that command until your goal is reached and then move onto another.


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