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Christmas Puppies, the in's and out's.

It’s that time of year again where people are getting puppies impulsively.

Yes, puppies are cute and it sounds pretty awesome to wake up on Christmas morning to a puppy under a tree —

let’s not forget it’s a LIFETIME commitment and a lot of work! So if you’re thinking about getting a puppy here’s what you should do first:

1. Research the breed thoroughly, make sure you’re looking for qualities that will fit your lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with reputable breeders, this usually means health and temperament guarantee. All dogs deserve a home that meets their needs, whether they come from a breeder or a shelter we need to do our due diligence to make sure it’s a good fit. Research the organization/breeder, ask a lot of questions about the parents history.

2. GENETICS MATTER and the DOG DOESN’T KNOW IT’S A RESCUE, so don’t make excuses just train it, which leads to…

3. Seek a reputable and professional dog trainer. Set the dog up to succeed by being proactive and not waiting until something happens. Dogs do not come programmed with a ‘no,’ all they know is how to be a dog and they’re great at it! So expect them to want chase things, bite things, and go the bathroom where they want. For them to know otherwise WE must teach them. All dogs are different so while your other dog was easy it doesn’t mean the new guy will be. ALSO a lot of us dog trainers offer the service of assisting in picking out the perfect puppy for your family.

4. Invest! Dogs are expensive! Expect to spend almost double within the first year just for the normal vet visits/vaccinations, food, crate and other necessities. ** A lot of emergency vet visits can be prevented by CRATE TRAINING and supervising whenever they’re out, but accidents do happen so have $$ just in case. Remember, it’s not just an investment financially but requires a LIFETIME of effort and consistency.

Be sure to check the list twice, make sure you’re not making an impulsive decision. It’s a privilege to have a dog, so be responsible.


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