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Many Shapes and Sizes

Have you ever wondered why dogs look the way they do? And how is the great dane the same species as a Chihuahua?!

Humans have shaped our canine companions for centuries, breeding for physical qualities and personality traits. That selective breeding has given us over 400 breeds of dogs! I could write a whole book on different dogs and the how's and why's of the way they look at act today (in fact, I'm sure someone has!) But to get you started here are a few examples of why our canine companions look the way they do. How many times have you heard someone complain about a chihuahua barking? Or better yet how many times have you listened to a chihuahua bark?! Their tiny size makes them very vulnerable, but what better way to protect themselves than to alert their human! Chihuahuas large erect ears makes their hearing unmatched in the dog world. By hearing threats long before they are near them they can get the heck outta there or get their human over asap to be their bodyguard. But the relationship goes two ways, there is no better alarm system than a chihuahua, and they never run out of batteries ;)

Next up we have the komondor, you might want to Google a picture of these guys.

Covered in what can only be described as pounds if dreadlocks, this breed turns heads. But the reason behind their coats is actual quite practical (even if bathing one wouldn't be...). Bred to guard sheep high in the hills and mountains a komondors coat helped them blend in with the herd. Making many onlookers assume it was just another sheep! This was particularly true when it came to predators. Blending in with the herd meant that the komondor was right there to protect them from wolves or any other large animal looking for a meal. While defending its herd if a komondor was bit, those dreads would act as a protective armour, preventing deep wounds and shielding organs from major damage. These glorious coats of dreads turns many heads today when seen in suburbs and cities. Finally, the rottweiler. ​

​The first thing you notice on this black and tan beauties is their heads. Their boxy, square jaws have the most bite force of any breed at a whopping 300lbs! Their intimidating look was created to guard their families, home and livestock. 200 years ago there was no safer place for your money than below that magnificent head under the collar of one of these dogs. That gorgeous mug is what attracts owners to the breed today although they are not for the faint of heart. Rest assured you'll sleep soundly with a rottweiler head on the pillow beside you! While the chihuahua, and rottweiler all have reasons for their distinct looks so do the majority of breeds we own today.

What is a unique physical feature of your dog? Is there a reason why they look the way they do? Let us know!

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