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Covid-19 Update!

Please watch for updates as we continue to communicate policy changes and measures we are taking in efforts to do our part in keeping the community safe.

March 30, 2020;

Here it is folks, the harsh reality is we are entering uncharted territories and everyone here at Grassroots K9 wants to do our part to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We wish to express how seriously we are taking this. In order to keep some normalcy, to provide quality training to our clients, along with providing security of employment to our staff we are moving a good amount of our training virtual.

Here are some of the few changes we are implementing:

>> No private lessons at this time. We are currently installing a system that will offer virtual training lessons, live streams and much more. We physically may not be in your home but we will be helping you in more ways than one to accomplish your training goals.

>> We have moved all staff to the kennel which allows us to take in a larger capacity of board n trains. This is going to be able to help new and active clients continue their training during the “social distancing”

>> In regards to your dog coming to our farm for a board n train:

  • No clients will be coming to the property

  • Our trainers are prepared to pick up and drop off

  • At arrival our trainer will call you from outside and ask to get your dog ready, with paperwork and belongings. To place it outside. Then we will return to collect your dog on leash. #socialdistancing

  • This is also what will happen at time of drop off

  • We will be providing you with a discharge report card, training plan and virtual go home lesson to help transfer what your dog has learned while being with us.

  • Again #socialdistancing

>>We are still offering free evaluations, however they will not be in your home but on the phone or virtual if you prefer.

Now on to some much needed good news ..... Listen to our Canines and Coffee Below

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