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GRK9 of the Month

Meet Harley and Suria!

Our GRK9 Client of the Month.

We asked Suria to provide us with some insight to share with our followers on Harley's background, why she began training and some advice. We couldn't be more proud of these two and their accomplishments. They truly embody the perfect duo.

How old was Harley when you got her?

I've had Harley since she was 7 weeks old.

Where did you get her from?

A friend of ours was going to adopt her but changed their mind last second and since we were looking forward to the next litter we scooped up this crazy little bundle instead.

Why did you want to begin training?

I wanted to begin training because on walks Harley did not know how to control herself and I couldn't control her either. If she saw another dog she would bark and lunge and I would get so frustrated trying to call her down. Nothing worked. I was afraid to take her out anywhere.

What was some of your training goals?

The main training goal was to be able to have Harley behave calmly and have self control around other dogs and in public places.

What are you guys working on now?

One of the biggest things right now we're working on is trying to build her confidence in New environments but again and again Harley astounds me with her efforts and progress.

If you could give any of our clients advice about accomplishing your training goals, what would it be?

Some advice I would give anyone when training their dog is have patience and be consistent. Build trust and keep it going. Your dog will be happier for it and so will you.

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