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Healing Roots Natalie and Luci

Many of you have heard us speak about our program Healing Roots. A program where we donate training and dogs to first responders living with PTSD. The program was founded by Alison and Michael Nezbeth owners of Grassroots K9 in efforts to help those who dedicate their lives to helping others. We met Natalie Harris about 7 months ago and were completely moved by her strength, her story, and her motivation. An all around amazing person. We quickly connected her with GRK9 Service Dog Luci. Over the past months she and Luci have been working side by side to become a team. We can officially say they have fully accomplished that. Were so proud of both of them.

Last week Natalie and Luci had a special trip to London, Ontario. This was Luci's and Natalie's first trip together just the TWO of them. Natalie being an author of her new book "Save my Life School" as well as a mental health advocate leads her to many positions where she is speaking in front of an audience. Part of Luci's job is to stand by Natalie and show support as she is speaking. This past week she did just that. When they returned we were filled with joy, that they both did exceptionally well and bonded beyond words can describe.

We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support for our program Healing Roots.Over the next couple weeks we will be launching our Healing Roots websites. Stay tuned for the announcement!

To learn more about Natalie Harris and her story check out her book.

Or her blog.

Such an amazing person!

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