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10 Brilliant Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know

1. Make your own dry dog shampoo with baking soda, cornstarch, and lavender essential oils.

2. Keep your dog occupied for hours by filling a Kong with homemade frozen treats.

3. Freshen breath by applying doggy toothpaste to a lint remover, then have your dog lick it off.

The bad-breath germs that live on your dog’s tongue will scrub off when he or she licks the rough surface of a lint remover.

4. Price match competitors’ ads in-store at Petco, Pet Valu and Petsmart.

5. Dispense dog food easily with a plastic pitcher.

6. Protect your dog’s paws in the snow with Vaseline.

Apply vaseline on your dog’s paws to prevent salt and harmful chemicals from drying out his paws. After going for a walk, rinse your pup’s paws with warm water in case any harmful elements were picked up.

7. Repurpose an old tennis ball by turning it into a treat dispenser.

Cut a slit in a tennis ball, and squeeze to add dog treats.

8. Fill a clean syrup bottle with water and use it as a portable, squirtable water bottle.

Hook a carabiner through the handle to easily attach to a belt or pack when you’re out for walks.

9. Give your dog a Dawn dish soap bath if he has fleas.

Dawn soap breaks down fleas’ exoskeletons, killing them almost instantly.

10. Braid strips of old shirts together to make a DIY dog rope.

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