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Dog Toys for FREE !!

DIY Dog Toys You Can Make for Free

These projects can keep you feeling crafty and your pooch happy and busy—for free! Plus, you won’t be nearly as frustrated when your dog eventually decimates them. Some dogs are perfectly content with a clean, empty milk jug to toss around, or an old sock stuffed with more old socks, and that’s awesome. Otherwise, here are some ideas for taking DIY dog toys to the next level:

Tug Toys


Depending on how handy you’re feeling, there are infinite ways to turn old clothing or rope into tuggy goodness. The video below is a simple version using old flannel pjs, but you can also braid multiple strands together as pictured (instructions in link), creating a fancy four part braid. For extra credit, knot a tennis ball into an old shirt, then slice up and braid the rest of the shirt for an excellent Wubba Kong knockoff.

You can also try using rope for a longer-lasting tug toy, or splicing a tennis ball onto a rope for a gift-worthy creation.

Puzzle Toys


A puzzle toy can be as simple as this tennis ball full of cookies, or as tricky as you care to make it—check out the video below.

A milk jug or any other clean container can transform into hours of play with the addition of a small hole and some kibble.

Here is a simple puzzle you can create with a muffin tin.

Summertime Frozen Fun


Frozen goodies are popular with hot dogs everywhere. You can make doggie popsicles with whatever treats you happen to have on hand, plus broth or yogurt. Pour your mixture into dixie cups, freeze, and enjoy.

Have a big freezer? Try freezing a bucket of water with some smaller toys inside for a backyard bonanza.

Is your dog a sock lover? An old sock tied in a knot, soaked, and frozen might just be his idea of a smelly good time!

No matter what, remember to keep an eye on all your dog toys to watch for wear or loose parts. Swallowing fabric or plastic, whether homemade or store bought, can lead to a trip to the vet.

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