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So our company could talk for days why having a trained personal protection dog is not only an extreme assist but a loving member of your family. GRK9's are trained to act as a deterrent first and defend second.


Did you know:

Research from the Fraternal Order of Police

In multiple studies and interviews conducted among convicted sexual assault, robbery and burglary felons they were asked what security measures taken by homeowners were most effective at deterring their criminal intentions. Consistently at the top of the list were security dogs.

When asked why, criminals listed these reasons:

  • Canine hearing abilities pick-up suspicious sounds earlier than alarm systems.

  • Canine barking alerts homeowners and neighbors too quickly.

  • Criminals fear of being attacked by a dog.

  • Criminals know confronting a dog is much more hazardous than dealing with an alarm system.

  • Dogs don't hesitate and they are not intimidated by the criminal.


We believe in quality. We believe that personal protection dogs are not "mean dogs" "junk yard dogs" "guard dogs" they are highly obedient, stable, reliable and another member of your family.

Our dogs react on command but also have the strong mind set and will to recognize a threat. Its one thing to have a dog react to a threat, but also be obedient enough to leave the threat once the risk comes down and return to his family on command. We demonstrate a few scenarios in this video (and we apologize were not actors hehe) that under threats our dogs will react and be obedient at the same time. The park scenario, which featured GSD Sixx was commanded to attack and release as the woman and her child were at a far enough distance that they were safe and Sixx returned to their side.

The Homedepot scene was the same obedient dog, under high distractions and focused on his owner, walking along on a path and attacked a threat approaching. This demonstrates GSD Argo not only socialable but extremely obedient and protective during an attack. He is even being shown trying to deter the threat and get the "bad guy" to leave.

We all know that the world we live in can sometimes be scary. As many of you know, Grassroots K9 started in Florida, which has one of the highest kidnapping rates in the USA, and many of these kidnappings happen at home in the middle of night, a dog that we train needs to know how to react if someone were breaking into your home and be stable enough to understand this is a threat. Did you know that their sense of smell is more than 50 times greater than that of a human’s . So yes, it is possible to have your dog know if its you coming home or someone trying to breaking in.

We encourage questions and anyone wishing to know more about our dogs to contact us. We remain diverse in our training with only one thing in common, quality. We care and our business is the proof of that.

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