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Grassroots K9 Bico saved owner from Bear !!

Hey friends!

We wanted to share this amazing story from one of our clients who came far to close for comfort with a BEAR Tuesday morning. We are so happy that no one was hurt during the encounter. Our client Jordan, lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick. This past March Jordan purchased one of Grassroots K9 Dutch Shepherd Male named Bico. Jordan and Bico bounded more then we would have ever expected.

Read his story, share it and comment below!

I was out in the woods today chopping wood where there is no cell signal. It was myself and my two dogs (including GRK9 Bico a Dutch Shepherd). After taking a break, I was walking back to my truck down a trail to put the chainsaw back so I could have two hands to carry wood. Bico was about 40-50yds behind me wrestling with my other more timid dog (who Bico is very good with as well). I came around a turn on the trail to a clearing and as I looked up there was a full grown bear running towards me. It stopped about 20yds from me and just starred at me. I held the chainsaw up and started yelling at the bear over and over but it did not budge it just stood there starring at me not making a sound. I then shouted for Bico who I presume was still playing with my other dog, as soon as I started yelling his name he began barking and running towards me. He turned the corner into the clearing and without hesitation went straight at the bear barking. The bear about-faced and ran off into the woods with Bico trailing closely behind. I then shouted for Bico to return as I did not want him to catch up with the bear and he came back to me and kept his eye on the woods the entire way back to the truck.

I am extremely thankful for having Bico there with me as I've never been confronted by a bear that did not leave when I started yelling before. I'm not sure how this situation would have turned out in his absence but I do know I won't be cutting wood without him in the future.- Jordan N, 26 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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