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Top Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make

If you have never owned a puppy before, you will soon find out that the first few weeks are very exhausting and very trying. Also, if you have never had a puppy before, you are naturally going to make a mistake here and there. While this is bound to happen, there are some things you can do to recognize a mistake and avoid repeating the same mistake twice. Here are some of the biggest mistakes new puppy owners make.




Not enough socializing– As a dog owner, you certainly don’t want to be walking your dog and having them constantly pulling on the leash. You also don’t want them barking at every little thing. Your dog needs to have the ability to react to people as well as other animals the right way. Socializing is an ideal way for your dog to develop and grow. Enroll him in dog classes, take him to your local dog park or just take him out for a simple ride in the car. Socializing doesn’t just mean to get him out and about but it also includes things like clipping his nails, bathing him and examining his paws.

Exposing to diseases– This is a mistake that many new puppy owners make, and it is a huge one. If their vaccines are not complete, you don’t want your dog anywhere near where another dog has been. Parvo is one of the diseases they can pick up. Parvo is transmitted through fecal matter of other dogs and sometimes may result in death. Until they have their vaccines complete, you can still take them out and about but with limitations such as you may have to carry him around or just take him for a car ride.

Punishment– Dogs cannot connect your yelling and screaming at them with their bad actions. So, if your dog gets a hold of some food from the kitchen counter and you yell at him, they will not be able to connect that with what they did wrong. Of course, you never want to hit physically your dog as they will eventually just end up being afraid of you in the end. You can firmly tell them NO! But nothing more than that.

Feeding human food– Once you are starting giving your dog people food, it is a very hard habit to break. For this reason, you never want to start offering them table scraps. Even if your little puppy is watching you with sad eyes over the spaghetti dinner you and your family are enjoying, you simply cannot give in. People food is not healthy for dogs since they cause an array of dog ailments.

Fortunately, avoiding these new puppy owner mistakes are easy! Just don’t do them! Make regular trips to the vet, be kind and loving to your puppy and start your training early. As for the table scraps, well, that one is a bit harder, but if you don’t start when they’re young, they won’t expect it when they’re older.

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